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OPTION: Abortion
You choose to end your pregnancy

Legal Rights

    • No one can force you to have an abortion.
    • In Illinois, a pregnant person can decide to end a pregnancy until approximately 24 weeks of pregnancy. After approximately 24 weeks, a person can have an abortion only when there is a medical need.
    • If you are pregnant, under 18, and seeking an abortion in Illinois, you can consent to the abortion on your own BUT an adult family member (someone over 21 who is your parent, grandparent, step-parent who lives with you, or a legal guardian) must be notified before the abortion is performed unless you fall into one of the exceptions or you go to court and get a waiver of parental notice.

The further the pregnancy goes, the harder it is to find abortion services and the more expensive the procedure is.


Having an abortion is a time sensitive decision. The number of places you can go for an abortion and the cost of the procedure depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. This website will help you to figure out what to do after you make the decision to have an abortion.


Depending on where you go, you may have to pay the clinic for a pregnancy test, sonogram and options counseling. You will also have to pay for the abortion itself – how much you pay depends on which clinic you use, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and what type of abortion procedure you have. You can talk with your doctor or all-options counselor about the different abortion options available to you.
The following organizations may be able to refer you to clinics where you can have an abortion and may be able to help you with your abortion costs:

You may be able to get assistance with travel to the clinic for your abortion from the following organization:

Know this: The judicial bypass process is free – you do not have to pay to file the application, to have a hearing, or for the lawyer.

Medicaid and Insurance

If your health insurance is through Illinois Medicaid (i.e. you have a Medicaid card), you can use it to pay for costs related to pregnancy and abortion. If you use Medicaid for these costs, you should most likely be able to request that it be kept confidential from your parents or guardian. However, if your parent or guardian pays for your heath insurance or gets it through their job, and you use that insurance to pay for your abortion or other pregnancy care, the insurance company will probably send a statement to your parent or guardian that will reveal the care you received.

Your medical provider may be able to talk to you about which insurance plans will be able to keep your abortion confidential and which types of plans may inform your parent or guardian if you use them for your abortion.