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OPTION: Parenting
You decide to carry the pregnancy to term and raise the child
Legal Rights

    • Under Illinois law pregnant teens are able to consent (give permission) to medical care throughout their pregnancy.
    • You can make medical decisions for yourself and for your baby once the baby is born.
    • While you can choose to go to a school specifically designed for pregnant teens, you have the right to continue to stay at your current school if you wish.
    • Once the baby is born, you have full parental rights for your child.

No one can force you to have an abortion or place the baby up for adoption.

Becoming a parent and raising a child as a teen requires a lot of support and can be very expensive. If you’re thinking about parenting, there are a number of state programs and free and low cost resources available to you:

Additional Information

Visit dhs.state.il.us for information on:

    • How to access the support listed above.
    • Pregnancy and parenting resources.