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Ways to Help Prepare Yourself for the Judicial Bypass Process

  1. Get a Pregnancy Test: You can buy a home pregnancy test at a drug store or you can go to a clinic.

  3. Get Information on your Options: Make sure to go to a clinic that offers non-judgmental “all options” counseling. It’s important to get as much information as you can on continuing your pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. Make sure you know the different types of abortions available and figure out the type you’re going to have. Ask questions! Remember, no question is a bad question.

  5. Review the Lawyer Meeting Questionnaire before you meet up with your lawyer.

  7. Figure out the Costs – including how you’re going to pay for the abortion along with any related expenses (clinic visits, transportation, etc.). If you need help paying, see the “Costs” section on the Abortion page of this website.

  9. Keep Documents in a Safe Place – Make sure you are keeping all the documents you receive and any notes you take related to your pregnancy, the abortion, or the bypass process in a safe place where your parent or guardian will not find them.

Go through options counseling before your bypass hearing. That way you will be prepared to answer any questions the judge has about the abortion procedure and the different options you considered.